Events, Activities, & Other Happenings

OneLife is a place that loves to spend time together in our community.  

We love having events and activities that we can invite people too and we are always looking for ways to serve our neighborhood.   

As a result, there is always a good list of great events, activities, and other happenings going on for people of all ages. 


Check out the list below to see what's coming up at OneLife.  


    We are very excited to be launching a new mid week Dinner Church in 2017 that will meet at the Magnuson Community Center.  A Dinner Church is not a feeding program or an outreach;  A Dinner Church is modeled after the Agape Feasts of the first century. In fact, Dinner Churches were the way the followers of Christ functioned for the first 200 years of Christian history.  For more information about this click HERE.


    At OneLife we believe that it is very clear that we are being called and moved as a church to be purposefully outward in our ministry and service to our community and city.  We believe God is at work bringing about a renewed vision that we cannot ignore.  We've created two different assessments to help us better understand how we are doing at being outward.

    To participate in these assessments click HERE.


    We are excited for the beginning of our new Winter 2017 Core Sessions.  Cores are one of the best ways to get connected and form deeper relationships within our OneLife community.  For a complete list of our 2017 Winter Core Groups click HERE.  If you're interested in joining/starting/leading a new Winter Core please contact to Greg Di Loreto.   


    To download our Photo Directory CLICK HERE


    At OneLife we are always planning events, activities, service projects, retreats, celebrations, meetings and so much more. We see our building as a resource to the entire community and with that have many long and short term renters.  

    Check out our google calendar for all things OneLife.