This year we will have two Christmas Eve Services at 10am & 4pm.  

Imagine a Christmas eve service that is fun for all ages, engaging, celebratory, creative, & memorable.  Now add cookies, wonderful people from your community, & a glow stick celebration like no other.  Both of our services are identical, family friendly, and last about an hour.  They include a great mix of scripture readings & Christmas carols led by our worship band designed to capture the full story of Christmas, and did we mention we will also have cookies & our glow stick experience?

To see what this looks like in action click HERE.  

No need to worry about dripping wax on the floor or the little ones playing with fire.  Instead we will end our service with celebration & joy with the use of glow sticks, & we get to leave with them as a reminder to continue to be lights to our community.  

You, your friends, & family, your classmates, co-workers, teammates, neighbors, etc. are all invited.  

We can't wait to celebrate with you!