KidsLife Director:  Our KidsLife program is one of our strongest ministries & we are currently looking for a new person to bring their passion for children & families to the next level.  We have a team oriented, outward focused, & collaborative staff, as well as a very healthy volunteer leadership base to build from.   

Position Definition: The KidsLife Director is responsible for overseeing, managing, & coordinating the KidsLife ministry at OneLife Community Church for children aged birth through 5th grade.


Position Requirements & Qualifications:

  1. Be a professing, committed, follower of Jesus Christ
  2. Have previous leadership experience working with children
  3. Have demonstrated organization & communication skills, & be detail-oriented
  4. Must be able to work well with others & function as a team player at all levels including the KidsLife volunteer team, leaders, parents, children, OneLife staff, OneLife elders, & the overall congregation
  5. Be self-motivated, eager to work, fun, & have strong personal discipline
  6. Be willing to become a member & regular attendee of OneLife Community Church if not already
  7. Have demonstrated ability to recruit volunteers & delegate tasks wisely
  8. Attend weekly staff meetings, planning times, church retreats, & denominational meetings including regional gatherings & annual conference
  9. Involved in a core group or neighborhood care group [either leading, hosting, or simply participating]
  10. Engaging in the day-to-day life of the community the church is in [Wedgwood/Bryant]


Position Responsibilities & Duties:

  1. Coordinate, recruit, support, train, & schedule, volunteers for all KidsLife ministries & activities
  2. Perform all weekly tasks in preparation of the week’s KidsLife activities
  3. Ensure safe church policies & procedures including volunteer application forms, running background checks, counsel, etc.
  4. Promote faith formation in all aspects of KidsLife ministries
    • Act as point person between church leadership & KidsLife ministry leaders to effectively embrace church-wide efforts at the children’s ministry level
    • Understand the curriculum being used & provide encouragement & feedback on it
    • Foster strong connections between children & the programs/leaders
    • Research best practices & implement them
  1. Advocate for KidsLife ministries
    • Promote inclusion of children in all church activities as appropriate
    • Speak to the needs of KidsLife at all levels of church leadership
    • Receive input about KidsLife from the congregation & respond accordingly
    • Resolves complex feedback & issues
    • Plan annual budget

Supervision:  The KidsLife Director position is supervised primarily by the OneLife Community Church Co-Lead Pastors, through staff meetings, quarterly & annual reviews/evaluations, prayer, etc.  The OneLife Elder Board provides additional support, prayer, & counsel, as well as administers the annual staff reviews. 


Application Process:

  1. Please send applications including all items listed below HERE.
    • Cover letter
    • Philosophy of ministry
    • Resume
    • 3 references [2 professional & 1 personal non-family]

  1. Accepting applications now until position is filled
  2. For more information contact Rich Sclafani – Co-Lead Pastor | 206.240.2512