Thanks for considering joining us for one of our Sunday gatherings!  


We offer two options for Sunday worship for you to consider - online & in-person church.  

Both Sunday gatherings happen live beginning at 10am & last about 75 minutes. Each week our service includes a time of singing, prayer, communion, teaching from the Bible from our current sermon series, engaging kids & youth programs, time to connect with others, & more.  


We absolutely believe in the power of worship, prayer, & faithful presence experienced in community & we are very excited to be offering in-person worship services.  We want to make sure when you come you feel safe which is why we are always working to keep up to date with following the most current guidelines laid out by the CDC & our Governor.  Click to read our current IN PERSON SERVICE COVID PROTOCOL [updated March 31, 2022] & please read our FAQ FOR IN PERSON SERVICES [updated March 31, 2022].  Both these updates are in relationship to our previous FULLY DETAILED COVID PROTOCOL.


Even before the pandemic OneLife had an online service & we are not stopping!  This way those who don't feel comfortable with in-person services for any reason can still connect with us in powerful ways.  Our online services are live broadcasts of our in-person services & happen every Sunday at 10am.  For the best online experience join us on our Online Platform.  It has lots of great resources including our Bible app, notes section, live prayer, links to our online connection card & digital bulletin, age appropriate resources for children & youth, community connections, & more.  We broadcast live on our Facebook, & YouTube pages as well.  

We would love to have you as a guest no matter how you chose to join us on Sunday!



    As a way to remain Covid safe, we will be phasing back to offering KidsLife programs starting July 25th 2021. 

    We are so excited to be welcoming our KidsLife kiddos back in person.  It has been over a year and a half since we've last been all together and we have missed you all so much! 

    You may be wondering... What does that mean for us?

    Here is more information about what to expect on Sundays. 

    • To allow for a smooth check-in process we highly recommend signing up your children online during the week. A specific KidsLife sign-in section will be available starting this week.  This allows us to be prepared for your children with supplies and to make sure we are appropriately staffed. 
    • Sign-in and sign-out will happen at the lower double doors off the large parking lot.  Look for the balloon arch of fun! :)  When you have signed your child in, please go to the front doors of the building to enter the sanctuary.  There will not be any through route inside of the building.
    • We will continue to have all children signed-in & signed-out on our clipboards
    • Adults and children will be required to stay masked the entire time at KidsLife just as they would at school
    • Six feet social distancing will be adhered to for all indoor activities
    • Each week we will have a variety of activities including Bible stories, games, crafts and outside play.  All of these activities will be done with appropriate State/CDC guidelines (e.g. each child will have their own supply bag for crafts, all indoor activities will be spaced apart, etc.)
    • At the end of service please head back down to the table outside the double doors, sign your child out, and a volunteer will bring your child to you! 
    • We will not be able to have children be involved in the service upstairs & then transition downstairs due to our current protocols.  This means you'll need to make a choice of having them in KidsLife for the entire service or upstairs in the sanctuary with parents for the entire service.  If you choose to have your child with you upstairs we will have some "KidsLife Kits" available for your child to use.  
    • Our freshly painted cry room will be available for those with little ones & it has the service steaming live in there so you won't miss it.  
    • If a child needs your help, a volunteer will find you in the service to come down to help. 

    We hope these guidelines will help answer any questions you may have about KidsLife in person.  If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask! We are here for you.  You can email our KidsLife Co-Directors HERE

    We are SO excited to see you all! 

    NOTE:  For those who are not ready to join us in person, we will still have all our KidsLife weekly resources available online each SUNDAY as well as our regular KidsLife Midweek Resources.  You can also access lots of KidsLife goodness at - which is available any time! 


    PRE.Covid - OneLife is excited to have a church bursting with children! Our kids make up one third of our group. Being an important part of our community, children are loved and supported by strong, caring, and committed adults and have many friends to enjoy.  

    During our Sunday services, childcare for babies up to age 3 is available from the start. Kids 4 and up join their families for worship, then enjoy their own classes for the 2nd half. This gives them a chance to be a part of our larger community and also hang out with others their age while they learn and have fun in a safe environment.  For details about our KidsLife program contact our KidsLife Co-Directors by clicking HERE


    Many teens never discover who they really are in light of God’s truth -- loved, accepted and very, very cool. At OneLife we want them to know God feels this way about them and so do we. 

    On Sunday during our service the youth join our time of worship, prayer, and communion. Then at the break they head to the youth room where we have worked hard to provide a place to hang out, have fun with friends, while safely exploring their hopes, doubts, and fears, and what it means to be followers of Jesus.  For details about our youth ministry & our midweek programs & monthly events check out the official Mix website by clicking HERE.


    OneLife includes a growing number of college students and young adults. On Sundays our young adults are fully integrated into all aspects of what is happening. Some have fun helping with our KidsLife classes. Some are on the worship team. Others are there just as part of the family, participating in the worship and teaching time and being in community after the service during our post service refreshments time.


    Adults in our community come from all walks of life. Some grew up here in Seattle. Others came from other places in the country or the world. Some work away from home, and others are full-time stay-at-home moms or dads. Some are single, some are not. Our trades and professions vary. We include the richer and the poorer. You get the picture.  Really though, none of this is what we're all about...

    We are about following Jesus and doing life together, no matter what our differences. Sharing meals and possessions. Comparing and sharing ideas. Supporting those who are hurting, or in need. Throwing parties, taking time, loving our kids and praying together. We volunteer and pitch in to make our Sunday gatherings and other events happen. In small groups we serve one another and get involved, both locally and globally. The bottom line is, at OneLife you'll find friends who encourage each other to grow, to change, to try new things, and to act on what we say we believe. 


    We believe in community and building lasting relationships.  We also believe that one of the best ways to foster this is over food and refreshments.  As a result, every Sunday after service we provide a lovely spread of food and drinks with all ages in mind.  Like a cafe setting, It is always a fun and casual atmosphere with kids at play, music in the background, and space for connections and conversations to thrive.  

    Make sure to stick around after your visit to join in the community.  


At OneLife, we understand the importance of being known & finding a place within a church to connect.  After coming to one of our Sunday services, if you enjoyed your time & want to get more connected relationally check out these options.


Once a month after our Sunday service we provide a time to connect with one or more of our Staff & Elder Board

at one of our favorite local coffee shops.  This happens on the 4th Sunday of every month.  

If you are new and want to learn more about OneLife join us.  Oh and we're buying!


Many who have been part of OneLife say, "If there is only one thing you get involved in at OneLife, it should be a core group." That's because small groups are where a lot of the best stuff happens. We have cores that meet at different days, times, and locations throughout the city and they are equally diverse in content and make up but honest conversation, caring and praying for each other is always included.  

For more about our Cores Groups click HERE.