Below is an FAQ we created to help you be prepared for what our in person services are like.  We are constantly following all updates/changes from the CDC & all Covid-19 guidelines laid out for King County by our Governor.   

To see our current Sunday Service Covid Protocol CLICK HERE

To see our previous Covid Protocol that began in June 2021 CLICK HERE.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact us HERE.   

FAQ on Indoor In Person Sunday Services

We have been meeting in person since Sunday June 27th.  Based on our experience and changes to the Governors and CDC Guidance, 

we are changing our protocols starting Sunday April 3, 2022.  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact us HERE.


During this pandemic we have always had one primary goal & that has been to care for as many people as possible by providing a safe place to join together for worship, prayer, & community.  We have had a robust Covid-19 protocol in place since June 27th 2021 that included strong social distancing throughout the building, mask requirements for all even if vaccinated, attestation systems including temperature checks, a sign in system, updated cleaning policies, installation touchless sinks, toilets, & improved ventilation - all to ensure everyone is safe.  Up till this point we have chosen to keep these in place where other institutions, businesses, schools, & churches changed them or removed them some time ago.  

We are very thankful to see how much has changed since these protocols were put into place, particularly that almost 95% of our church is now vaccinated & the numbers of covid cases in the US is down 95% since its peak in mid-January 2022.  

In light of this positive movement, along with close observation of the changes put forth by our Governor, the guidance of the CDC, input from our community, & attention to local churches, school districts & businesses, the OneLife Elder Board has decided to make some changes to our current protocols starting on Sunday April 3, 2022. 


Changes to protocols…

We have decided to make mask wearing an optional requirement.  Our sanctuary rows will continue to be spaced out & we are still asking everyone to social distance.  As of March 13, 2022 we have no longer required seat reservations, the use of our sign in system, or temperature checks.  However, we do ask that if you have any symptoms to please stay home & join us online.  


Our hope…

It is our hope that these steps & changes will continue to ease us back to being able to join together for worship, prayer, & community.  We look forward to seeing you in person.  

Contact us…

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact us HERE


This document is intended to answer some of the questions, we expect you will have.



What will happen when I arrive at church?

As of Sunday March 13, 2022, we will no longer be using our online registration form for seat reservations or attestation.  Please remain aware of the comfort of others when you choose your seats.

  • As of Sunday April 3, 2022 mask wearing is now optional.
  • Adults & children who are not vaccinated should continue to be physically distant from anyone who is not in your family or group.
  • We will ask you to follow these protocols even if you have been vaccinated to ensure everyone remains safe.

Will I need to wear a mask?

As of April 3, 2022 mask wearing is optional so it is up to you to decide.  We ask you to respect those around who have made a different choice from yours on whether to wear a mask or not.  We want everyone to feel welcomed no matter their choice regarding masks.

How many people can attend a Sunday service?

We  increased our capacity to 118 on July 25, 2021.   Rows are separated by three feet.  We are asking you to maintain a physical distance between your family/group & others.  All children attending KidsLife will be in the Commons for the full service, except for Sundays where KidsLife services are available.

Can I sit with my friends?

Yes.  Chairs will be arranged with 3 feet between rows.  You may choose that your group is only your family unit.   Please remain aware of the comfort of others when you choose your seats.

Will we be sitting in a circular arrangement or in rows?

Before the pandemic, we had switched the seating arrangement so we were sitting in a the round.  We then changed back to sitting in rows to maximize air flow & ensure that the chairs are spaced.  This will continue to be the same until further notice.

Will there be a vaccinated section separate from individuals who are unvaccinated?

No.  We have decided not to implement a vaccinated section because we do not want to create barriers between individuals, physical or otherwise. 


Can I sing?

Yes!  As of Sunday, April 3, 2022, it is now optional whether you choose to wear a mask.


Can I bring my own Bible?

Yes, but we ask you not to share it with anyone outside of your household/group.

Will the full band be playing?

Yes!  All vaccinated band members who are singing are allowed to do so without masks.

Will I get a bulletin/connection card?

Yes, but if you want to contact the church for any reason, please use our online connection card posted at or email us at

How will communion work?

The communion elements will be individually wrapped for each person and can be picked up as you enter the building.  There are two parts to it.  First, peal back the top layer that holds the bread/wafer.  Once you have done this peal back the second layer to be able to drink the juice.  You can leave these under your seats after you have taken communion & we will make sure to come around & dispose of them after the service.  Note:  communion containers are recyclable & they are not gluten free. 

Will there be prayer available like before?

We believe prayer is important!

Most weeks we will have a prayer team in the sanctuary who will be providing prayer for those in the sanctuary & for those on the online platform.  If the prayer team is in person they will wear masks during the prayer time.   If you are in the sanctuary, please come up to the front & we will pray for you in the pastors’ office with the windows open.   The same team will also be providing prayer to those on the online platform so please be patient if we cannot pray for you right away.

We can also receive prayer requests via email.  We are happy to call you & pray for you over the phone.

Will there be KidsLife?

We are providing specific KidsLife in person services once a month on the first Sunday of each month. We will not be running the nursery, but the cry room will be available for parents with a live feed of the service provided.

KIDSLIFE KITS - Each week we will provide our awesome KidsLife kits for children up to 5th grade.  These include activity pages, a KidsLife bulletin, a coloring page, & other fun surprises.  

Each week we will provide our awesome age appropriate KidsLife online resources.

During the KidsLife In Person services…

  • We will continue to have all children signed-in & signed-out on our clipboards. 
  • As of Sunday April 3, 2022, it will be optional for children to wear a mask while at KidsLife but we will continue to adhere to social distancing for all indoor activities.
  • Each week we will have a variety of activities including Bible stories, games, crafts & outside play.  All of these activities will be done with appropriate State/CDC guidelines (e.g. each child will have their own supply bag for crafts, all indoor activities will be spaced apart, etc.)
  • At the end of service please head back downstairs, sign your child out, and a volunteer will bring your child to you! 
  • If a child needs your help, a volunteer will find you in the service to come down to help. 

Will there be something for teens?

Yes!  The Mix Youth Cooperative, our Jr. & Sr. High youth ministry will be in the worship service & then transition to the youth room after announcements.  The youth room door & windows will be open to ensure ventilation.  Masks & social distancing will be required.  The online zoom link used on Sunday's will continue & the Mix also has in person midweek youth group as well!  To find out more CLICK HERE.

Will the pastors be wearing masks?

It depends!  If they are up front using the microphone they will not, but all other times during the service whether or not the pastors wear a mask will now be optional as of April 3, 2022.  

How will the restrooms work?

From Sunday April 3, 2022 there will be no restrictions on the number of people who can enter the bathroom.

If I have been vaccinated, do I need to follow these restrictions?

Yes.  OneLife wants to ensure the safety of everyone in the congregation, so we are asking that everyone follows the guidelines whether they have been vaccinated or not inside & outside of the building.  

Will there be coffee time provided at the beginning/during the service?

Not yet!  We hope we can bring this back in the not-too-distant future. 


Will there be coffee time afterwards in the Commons?

No.  We know this is an important part of being community, so we encourage you to gather afterwards in small groups in alternative venues if you feel comfortable doing so.

Can the kids use the play equipment either during or after the service?

Yes. We ask parents to supervise their children and that all children wear masks and use hand sanitizer before and after using play equipment.

What cleaning will be happening between services?

Regular cleaning will happen between services.  If a person who has been in the building develops COVID and the building is in use within 24 hrs. of that person attending, there will be a deep cleaning , in accordance with CDC guidance.

Can I still watch from home?

Yes.  The online platform will continue

Will the online experience be different once some people are back in the building?

We are committed to providing an excellent online experience for those who want to stay at home.  You may see some differences in how the cameras are placed, but the overall experience will be the same.