Welcome to our 2018 Advent Resource page!  We have created a bunch of great resources to help us enter into the real meaning of Advent.  Each resource is free for all & vary in style, format, & time commitment.  We have resources designed for the whole family with activities for kids through adults, as well as options designed for personal use.  They all have the same goal and that is to help us practice living out our faith in Jesus in our day to day life.  We hope you find one that best fits you & that these resources help you experience more & more of the incredible love of Christ. 

Simply click on the link to download each resource.

1.  Advent In Action Calendar

2. Advent Daily Scripture Reader

3. Advent Guide For Individuals & Families

4. Advent At Home - Candle Resource & Reflections

5. Advent In Action Reflections

6. Advent Daily Photo Challenge

7. KidsLife Advent Garland Cards