Who we are | following Jesus, loving people, & SERVING OUR CITY

OneLife Community Church is a group of regular people of all ages, from many different backgrounds. Though we may not agree on the particulars, we believe God is the source of all good in the world and we want to be a part of it. In a somewhat disorganized but hope-filled fashion, we are learning how to love and live like Jesus. Following his example, we practice living by faith, generosity, grace and gratitude.  

Anyone is welcome, no matter what your story, struggles, past hurts or doubts. Since none of us have life all figured out, we trust God to guide us.  

Our Sunday service is at 10am and it lasts about 75 minutes.     

We'd love to have you join us on the journey.

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what we believe

Jesus is the source, inspiration and the focus of our worship. We see our church not as a building or religious institution, but as people who are actively trying to live by the power of God's spirit in us. Though we don't always do it well, we believe we are to love all, forgive ourselves and others, and heal what we can of the brokenness in our own hearts and neighborhoods. 

We believe God can help us learn to live and love in ways that change us, and our little corner of the world, for the better.

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We are apart of the NW Ministry Network and the Assemblies Of God