At OneLife we do not have a long detailed vision and mission statement with lots of bullet points and the likes.  We like to keep things pretty short and sweet, easy to remember, and easy to put into practice.   

At OneLife the three words of our name encompass the three things we prize most.  These three values inform and shape everything we do. These values are not the destination points that we have already attained.  Rather, they are the direction in which we try to direct all of our efforts.  

In other words, our vision is our name... 

OneLife Community Church - "following Jesus, loving people, and serving our city"


  • OneLife | we believe that true, real life is found only through Jesus Christ.

    Because of this belief, we want people who are not followers of Jesus to become followers of Jesus.  In addition we want those of us who are already believers in Jesus to mature in our faith and have that relationship shaping, forming, and directing every aspect of our lives. 

    We believe all of this happens as a result of the work of the Holy Spirit.  

  • Community |   we love, serve, and are purposely rooted in our community

    We believe that serving others is the most significant way we can reflect God's character into the world.  Because of the belief, our vision is bigger than our congregation.  The gospel rhythm has always been that God blesses his people in order that, through us, others are blessed [Genesis 12].  

    We see this happening when all of us are more faithfully present in our various communities and neighborhoods throughout the city of Seattle.  The more neighborhoods we have represented in our church with people groups purposely looking to love and serve as Jesus did the better, because we want God's kingdom presence to be felt more and more in our city.   

  • Church we are a church, nothing more, nothing less.

    We believe that God has made it clear that it is important for Christians to be together regularly - to pray, worship, learn, serve, grow, support, care, encourage, and love one another.  But it's also very clear that this gathering was to reach out to meet the physical, spiritual, social, and emotional needs of the community.

    In short, the church has always been about following Jesus, loving people, and serving the city.  

    What does this mean for us as a gathered people?  

    We like to think of the church as an organism - one that it is a living, breathing thing that is always a work in progress.  This means we take a process-oriented, long-term view with one another.  Whether we are extending grace to someone in our Core Groups, patiently teaching our children to worship alongside us on a Sunday morning, or cooking a meal for a neighbor, we give ourselves patiently to the slow, steady work the Lord has laid out for us. 

What we BELIEVE...

Jesus is the source, inspiration and the focus of our worship. We see our church not as a building or religious institution, but as people who are actively trying to live by the power of God's spirit in us. Though we don't always do it well, we believe we are to love all, forgive ourselves and others, and heal what we can of the brokenness in our own hearts and neighborhoods. 

We believe God can help us learn to live and love in ways that change us, and our little corner of the world, for the better.

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We are apart of the NW Ministry Network and the Assemblies Of God