At OneLife, we believe that the regular giving of tithes & offerings is an important discipline of the Christian faith. The funds from offerings are used for the day to day operations of OneLife, the funding of local & global outreaches, individual benevolence, and many other vital parts of the church.  

The call and invitation to give carries with it--as it always does--a twofold blessing: first, apart from any present circumstance, giving frees our hearts from dependence on our wealth and returns us to a place of thankfulness and dependence on God, and second, in light of our present circumstance, it gives us a chance to choose together to invest in the growth of God's kingdom and the work that He's prepared for us.

Please note that all gifts are tax deductible, and OneLife Community Church will gladly send you an annual giving report.

For a short tutorial on how to give online click HERE.  

When you are ready to make a donation simple click the "make a donation" button below.